The Cold and Darkness

This is my 9th Winter in Alaska.  I think the novelty of a White Christmas has worn off a bit this year. Yes… I love the beauty of everything blanketed in whiteness… but I DO NOT love the cold and darkness. I’m not even going to pretend anymore.

I wish I liked skiing – but to me it is like strapping on death gliders and fleeing down a mountain of ice – who does that???

I wish I liked sledding – but unfortunately Mike has discouraged me from taking the kids on sled rides –  apparently I am the World’s Worst sled steerer. Well excuse me – but the sled steering class was always first to fill up at my FLORIDA high school.

I wish I could drive in Winter – but unfortunately even a quickie trip to the corner store leaves me white knuckled and hyperventilating. Mike gets some kind of pleasure at sliding around within a ton of metal dodging other tons of metal.

Yesterday morning… around 10am… Lyla says to me…

“Wow Mom it’s dark… we stayed up late tonight!”

“No my dear one it is till morning… you just woke up remember?”

“Why is it so dark?”

My response in my head (mind you it was the 3rd day in a row of 4 degree weather) … “It is so friggin dark because we live in a frozen wasteland of ice and bitterness that zaps all warmth and light from your bones and soul and leaves only the ice crackling whiny voice of Sarah Palin to bounce around in your frigid brain.”

but of course I looked at my sweet girl and simply said… “It is so dark because Mr. Winter needs to sleep a lot this time of year so he can make us lots of snow to play with.”

I really do love Alaska. But weeks like this I daydream about the sand, waves, orange trees, and the strong sun warming my heart.

Instead I am trying to look for those small pieces of joy that help me stay present thru these long Winters.

reading books under my fluffy down blanket * cooking and canning * my amazing Minnesotan husband who bundles our brew daily to brave the cold * the sun… no matter how quick it’s appearance * watching Mike do woodwork * home made hot chocolate *  holiday excitement on the faces of our kids * the library

Winter Solstice is only a few weeks ago and then we will start the journey of gaining light.

Mr. Winter…I may not love you…. but ….  I do not hate you.



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Dusting off the keyboard

SO here I am.. back again in the middle of winter. The skinny on our last year…

…lots of loving and amazing house guests, started house project:Operation Mud Room, bought backyard chickens for fresh eggs, solo trip for Mike & I to Colorado, started selling NYR Organic skincare, homeschooling Lyla, still working on Operation Mud Room, Lyla started soccer, started doing in home daycare, neighborhood dog ate our backyard chickens, stopped doing in home daycare, still working on Operation Mud Room, Cora turned two… hmmm that’s all I can think of at the moment…

Mind you the above is in no particular order.

A few pics of my favorite moments…

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Hi Ms. Rina!

We miss you:)

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Belly Laughs

While sitting around the dinner table… conversation once again turned to knock knock jokes. This happens often with our house full of preschoolers. I will let you know a little secret… preschoolers are really bad joke tellers. So Mike and I have refined the art of the bellowing, knee slapping, response laugh. Even if the joke goes something like this…

Keenan: Knock, Knock

Mom: Who’s there

Keenan: (Uuummm… long pause…scratching of the head… looking around) A chair

Mom: Chair Who?

Keenan: (Barely understandable punch line thru belly laughing) Chair Chicken

This particular night I think everyone was February delirious  – with lack of warmth and sunshine  – and the fake laughs turned into real, gut wrenching, belly laughs. The whole table… even Cora thought a chair chicken, lightchair, and a tablebowl was absolutely hilarious.

It felt good. I think that is just what February requires – daily belly laughs. It is the only way to survive.

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Today… after checking my voicemail… yes I do check it every few weeks;)…. there was a message from my good friend… the message said…”OOOh you have to call me I heard a rumor about you.”

Well put down the PB & J, step over the sock pile and get this lady on the phone. This is just too exciting I can’t even stand it. My good friend then goes on to tell me that the rumor circulating town is that I am *gasp* PREGNANT! Isn’t that just so me… always following the rules, voted most dependable in Junior High, in bed by 9:30,  pregnancy rumors…*Yawn. Yawn Again*

My good friend’s response to the rumors… “Well that’s not really a rumor… we just always assume that Teresa is ALWAYS pregnant”…. haha that makes me laugh.

Come on… where is the excitement… where is the drama??? How about “a torrid love affair with the her italian mail carrier”… or … maybe…. “I heard she is raising a rare breed of British Lop pigs to help fund her boob lift.”

I think I might need to add some spice to my life. And sadly I have sat here for five minutes after I typed that last sentence and the only spice I can think of is either checking out a new book at the library or taking a community class of basket weaving this Spring.

Watch out Anchorage. The next rumor might just involve me changing my chicken hot dish recipe.

BTW… I am not pregnant. At least I don’t think I am.

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The big move!

OK so I have made the switch from Blogger to Word Press… have not quite made it public… still trying to figure my way around this place!

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MiniVan=Mega Fun=Petrified Corn Dog

We cleaned out the van this weekend. I would love to say we cleaned it out because we clean the cars “every Saturday” or I was bored and I really enjoy detailing cars… but the reality is… the SMELL forced us to clean it out. After two long hours, I decided to take a break. Mike came home to a MASH scene driveway of mats, industrial shop vac, garbage cans filled with unmentionables, laundry baskets full of sippy cups and bottles, books, toys, and cleaning supplies. So much stuff Mike could not pull into the driveway and he was “forced” to finish the project so he could park his truck.

Did I mention it is usually around 15 – 20 degrees here so everything is frozen and there is absolutely no reason for a vehicle to smell.
OH YES… it was that bad… the fumes refused to freeze.
We think we have narrowed down the culprit: boy pee, sippy cup with chunky milk, or a half eaten petrified corn dog. Between you and me… I am pretty sure that the eau de parfum was an intermingling of all three.

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